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PatenSee is a clinical-stage medical device company that has developed a contactless surveillance system designed to detect early developing asymptomatic vascular stenosis in hemodialysis patients. By harnessing advanced, multi-modal imaging technologies and Machine Learning, PatenSee’s aims to flag stenosis risk at the earliest stage, enabling care teams to perform simple interventions to protect the patient’s hemodialysis lifeline, improve quality of care and prolong life expectancy. PatenSee addresses the dialysis market, which is expected to exceed $100B by 2024. PatenSee is a seed stage portfolio company of MEDX Xelerator. PatenSee was founded by Hagay Drori and Oz Seadia following their participation in MEDX Xelerator’s X-Challenge competition, the incubator’s initiative to create promising medical device startups. Dr. Gal Goshen, PatenSee’s CEO, led it from early concept to first-in-human clinical study in less than two years.


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February 16, 2021

PatenSee Initiates First In-Human Trial with its Contactless Imaging Surveillance System for Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

February 24, 2022
PatenSee first clinical study results presented at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN22) in Indonesia!

PatenSee is proud to announce the initiation of our first-in-human clinical trial at Rabin Medical Center. Our machine vision-based surveillance system is designed to detect early signs of fistula stenosis in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

As Prof. Benaya Rozen-zvi comments, “Keeping the fistula open is a major clinical need, and early detection of stenosis allows for both simpler treatment and better prognosis for the patient. The non-invasive, contactless nature of PatenSee’s system adds another important benefit for both in-patient settings as well as in homecare in the future.”



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